That huge tornado on the ground in Manitoba proved pretty epic for the storm chasers #mbstorm

I followed on Twitter and on the TVN weather app much of the storm-chasing action from last night, and it proved hugely entertaining for weather fans, though it was far less entertaining for western Manitoba’s farmers and insurance people. 

That huge storm that developed in southeast Saskatchewan not only produced a tornado that touched down in western Manitoba, but it was a huge tornado that stayed on the ground for at least a couple of hours! Maybe even three hours! That is unheard of, folks. Surely, this must have been an F-5, the type of storm you might see in a place like Oklahoma or Kansas.

Chaser Greg Johnson was on it and he called it a “monster” and one of the top four tornadoes he’s ever seen. Fortunately, this storm missed the major cities, and a good thing, too because it could have caused huge problems. This shows you how southern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, really is in the bullseye when it comes to these sorts of storms.

Moreover the storm chasers had nailed the location of the tornado almost spot-on and got some amazing shots of it. Columnist and Estevan resident Brian Zinchuk wrote a column about the big storm and marvelled at how the storm chasers were able to correctly pinpoint where this tornado was going to land.  

Update: now they are saying this tornado on the ground is rated as a high-end F-2. F-2?! Really, that low?