Work update: taking a few days off

Just an update. The next few days I’ll have quite a number of days off. Today, I am using up a day off owed to me for working on my day off some time ago, so now I have a three-day weekend off. Then I am back at work for three days, then I am off for a week. So that’s 10 out of 13 days off, but because I am scheduling my days off around a long weekend, I am only using up a grand total of four vacation days in all this. 

The idea is to push back the bulk of my vacation days until after the federal election. By then, I figure I really will need a vacation, and hopefully be in a better position financially to go somewhere. Still, now is a good time to take a few days off, given that the story of the northern wildfires has wound down and news is slowing down in general. Besides, it’s summer and I need a rest. 

So there! That is the plan, and I fully expect I will be spending much of the next few days doing what I usually do on my days off, and that is watch the news. It figures