Reviewing a heavy week of News from Nowhere

Just going to briefly wrap up some of the highlights from a heavy week of news here, and then I plan to take the rest of this summer day off.

You’ve probably heard, ahem, about the nuclear deal with Iran.

And the book was thrown at James Holmes, who now goes to the death penalty phase.

Meanwhile, more carnage in the USA as five service personnel were killed in Chattanooga in a shooting rampage on Thursday.

Here in wildfire-afflicted Saskatchewan, things finally seem to be getting a little better. Some northern communities have had their evacuation orders lifted to allow people to at least begin to go home. But the wildfire problem is flaring up in other places, including California just a couple of days ago. 

Finally, this was the weekend of Ant-Man at the box office. 

That’s it for now, now back to watching the NASCAR race.