It’s a very light Sports News from Nowhere this All-Star week


Welcome to what is surely the most boring week in all of sports, and that is Baseball All-Star Week. I don’t know about you, but I usually spend this week doing other things — like watching the auto racing in Saskatoon. There are not too many other sports operating during the next four days. There is minor league baseball so I expect to tune in to a few of those games. Also, the CFL is taking advantage of the situation with a game between Calgary and Toronto tonight. 

In MLS play, Chicago plays Columbus on Wednesday night, so that should provide relief for those of you who don’t want to watch the Espys

And in what ranks as deft scheduling, the Pan Am Games are on in Toronto, which is great timing for them because they have a captive audience of sports fans all week long.

Not to be outdone, the World Series of Poker Main Event is playing down to the final November Nine in Las Vegas this week. It’s kind of sad, really, when you think of it, that poker is one of the main “sports” going this week. Poker’s a game, not a sport! Still, it’s great. Anyway, as of this writing Canadian Daniel Negreanu was still in it. As well, the “Last Woman Standing” Kelly Minkin was still in it

Other news from the weekend: UFC 189 in Las Vegas is generally being hailed by the observers as one of the best cards ever. Connor McGregor’s victory over Chad Mendes was a war, and it was an absolute five-round brawl with Robbie Lawler finally beating Rory MacDonald, with both fighters ending up in the hospital. Anyway, McGregor wins the interim title and that should set things up for a huge pay-per-view once Jose Aldo is better.

And the Calgary Stampede has just wrapped up, but the big story there isn’t about any of the winners. No, it’s about the fact that four horses died this week during the Rangeland Derby. Clearly, this sport of chuckwagon racing has some deep thinking to do about all its safety issues. They need to do what auto racing did and come up with safety reforms to cut down on the fatalities. Motorsports managed to address their problems, the folks involved in chuckwagon racing should do the same. 

There! That’s that about that.