Well, the inevitable has happened: Keith Olbermann is out of a job, again!!! #espn


Keith Olbermann has been canned yet again. His ESPN contract has not been renewed. He leaves “The Worldwide Leader” at the end of the month.

This comes on the heels of the Bill Simmons departure, and speculation is that the reasons for this latest parting of the ways might be similar, with certain rights holders supposedly not pleased with Olbermann’s commentaries. 

Uh, ahem, ESPN, you should have known in the first place this was exactly what you were in for when you hired him. Olbermann has big opinions and a big mouth. You knew that going in! So you shouldn’t be surprised if he rubs some people the wrong way. That’s the way it is with him. 

This happened to be Olbermann’s second go-around at ESPN — he was teamed with Dan Patrick back in the Nineties, but that gig pretty much ended after Olbermann went on Craig Kilborn‘s show and trashed Bristol, Connecticut. Which, of course, is headquarters for ESPN. That parting was so bitter, in fact, that nobody ever thought he would ever come back. 

Anyway, he’s also walked the plank from CNN, MSNBC, Fox Sports, MSNBC a second time, the Current, and a host of places. The list is here

And quite honestly I cannot put the finger on why it is Olbermann keeps moving around so much, it’s sort of defining his career right now. Is it because of Olbermann himself, or is a lack of support from management wherever he has gone the real reason?

I have no idea where he’ll go next. How about Canada? I understand the CBC are in need of hosts.