Greece goes off the referendum cliff, plus the other News from Nowhere

This will be another short News from Nowhere as I listen to the Roughriders fans and commentators whine about the lousy defence in a 42-40 defeat to Toronto in 2OT.

Well, the No side won in Greece, which means no bailout deal. I fully expect the markets and the Euro to tank and for Greece to be booted out of Europe, shortly.

In USA political news, not much to report except the Hillary Clinton campaign is hostile to the press.

Closer to home, we’ve contended with wildfires, thick smoke throughout the province, and evacuations in northern Saskatchewan. Now the situation is so dangerous that the armed forces are being sent in to help. As an aside, I’ve been on the daily conference calls with officials dealing with the situation during much of this past week and expect to do more of that this coming week.

In sports, the Women’s World Cup final is on in Vancouver and it’s already 4-0 USA over Japan, and the game has barely started! (Update: it’s now 4-1.)

The biggest story of the week, according to my Facebook friends at least, was that Maria is retiring from Sesame Street.

And today is Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

That’s all for the moment.