NBC finally gives Donald Trump his comeuppance: “You’re fired!”


Well, Donald Trump has really done it this time. 

He and his big mouth have succeeded in getting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants booted off of NBC. This comes right after he got booted off of Univision.

You have to wonder, again, about business people in the USA and why they insist on alienating the very same people who want to do business with them. Which part of the world is interested in Miss Universe the most? Latin America. And yet the Donald insists on badmouthing Latinos, publicly referring to Mexicans as “drug dealers” and “rapists.” Seriously, you have to feel sorry for Mexico, having to put up with this.

Who knows what the future for Miss Universe and Miss USA is now. That organization has just been thrown into chaos. About the only good thing about this entire fiasco is seeing Trump finally get his comeuppance from NBC after all those years of firing people on TV. Trump, you’re fired!!