Yet again, I’m “temporary interim sports reporter” for the paper

Another update for local readers in the Northwest SK region: I have again been called upon to be the News-Optimist temporary-interim sports reporter. 

Before local readers start panicking, relax, this is summer vacation season and the regular sports reporter is going back to the Yukon for a couple of weeks. So I am going to be filling in on sports on top of the rest of my beats, again. 

The good news is that by the time these two weeks are over the company will owe me so much time off I will need to give some very serious thought to vacation planning.

While I am doing sports, I will not be covering the CFL, or the Women’s World Cup, or any of these other fancy sports that people at TSN or Sportsnet cover. In fact, about the most exciting thing I will be at will be the SJHL Battlefords North Stars annual general meeting. That says it all about how exciting our local sports scene is here at the moment.

Mainly, I will be doing local baseball reporting. You would think I would be thrilled. The problem, though, is that at all these baseball fields here you are always being attacked by mosquitoes. It’s terrible. It really does take away any enjoyment covering these games. But what do you expect, it’s Saskatchewan.

Anyway this is what I, and you, are in for on the sports beat. Life is dull.