Well, today’s same-sex marriage Supreme Court decision sure put an end to all that Confederate flag news coverage, eh? 

Decision was 5-4, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states

But it sure sounds like these Republican presidential candidates plan to fight on. It sounds like Mike Huckabee has his issue for the ’16 election. Same for Rick Santorum

These folks ought to give up, though, because I don’t see how they can possibly overturn this decision. Not even a constitutional amendment will work, because there is just too much support for same-sex marriage. 

I’ll have more to say later about the GOP presidential field, but I truly think continuing to fight on this issue is an absolute no-win for Republicans. These folks just look like they’re intolerants by doing that. Huckabee, Santorum and the rest of these holdouts ought to just throw in the towel, just like what happened with the Confederate Flag debate this week. But they likely won’t, because after all, this is the “Upset States of America”.

The actual Supreme Court ruling itself makes for interesting reading. Wow, was the Chief Justice ever ticked off. 

That was this morning, but now we have quickly moved on to yet other news, as one of those two prison escapees in New York State was shot dead. And so the news goes on.