I’m watching US Open golf this Father’s Day weekend — on FOX!!


In keeping with my vow this year to follow more of the upscale upper-crust sports (as opposed to the lowbrow drunk-hooligan-fans stuff out there, ie. hockey), this weekend I am watching US Open golf. 

It’s weird for a number of reasons. One, Tiger Woods missed the cut. In fact, his play was so completely awful that all regular golfers have hope now that they, too, might play golf as well as him.

Second, because they are playing the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, Washington the coverage on TV is extending late into the evening. But the biggest change is getting used to the new coverage from FOX Sports, who stole the rights away from NBC/ESPN.

As you know, FOX covers a lot of sports, but for whatever reason big-time golf had been noticeably missing from their lineup. They simply have no history at covering golf, especially compared to NBC who covers golf all the time. 

So obviously the pressure for the new rights-holders is on. A lot of people were expecting FOX’s coverage to be terrible, but it turns out it’s not quite as bad as people expected. 

But you still have people complaining about how they are missing Johnny Miller and have to get used to Joe Buck. (Sort of like how Canadian hockey fans were reacting all year to Rogers’ NHL contract.) Well, if it’s any consolation for NBC golf fans, NBC gets the British Open golf in 2017.

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