I’m with that NBC network TV guy who says hockey players should shave their beards off. Someone has to say it!


The big controversy here in scorching hot Canada is that everyone is up in arms over the suggestion by this NBC TV executive that hockey players should stop their tradition of growing these playoff beards. Canadian fans are all acting like this guy is an idiot who doesn’t know hockey.

Except, he’s right! The fact is it’s these players who are the ones who look like idiots with their scraggly beards on the ice. Seriously, these are ugly looking, and it really does make these players look like bums. This is the entire team looking like this, too! 

It never used to be this way. You never saw Wayne Gretzky or Gordie Howe or Bobby Orr with “playoff beards” in their day. Besides, you don’t see these in the other sports, which makes hockey players look even more ridiculous by comparison. So I think this NBC executive has a point. It really is blunting the ability of this sport to go mainstream in USA. 

I don’t know what it will take for these players to abandon the beards, though. Maybe if commissioner Gary Bettman issued a directive? Maybe if the owners offered money to players to shave them off? Maybe one of these shaving companies could do some sort of endorsement deal and supply free razors for life, or perhaps offer a lot of money — like a million dollars per player bonus when a clean-shaven team wins the Stanley Cup. 

Whatever. In any event, it’s time to shave ’em off. 

And while on the subject of the NHL, it’s also time to get rid of hockey in the month of June. You know, back in the olden days the Cup was being paraded around the ice in May. The season would have been done by now. My point is this never-ending hockey season nonsense is really cutting into my baseball watching. Not good.