Hey, Entourage fans. About those film critics? Ignore them all.

I went to the Entourage movie last night, despite its embarrassing Rotten Tomatoes score of 31 percent.

Well, I guess I’m with the 31 percent, then, because I liked it.

These four guys may be long in the tooth, but I was just happy to see them on screen again. Plus, I liked the eye candy in the movie like Emily Ratajkowski and even Sabina Gadecki (of World Poker Tour fame).

I will say the die-hards who stuck with this series the entire time will appreciate the particular scenes and characters more than the casual fans who probably don’t know who half these people are. My point is the fans of the show who hung in through thick and thin, good storylines and bad, ought to make up their own minds about this movie and not rely on the increasingly unreliable elitists who still hold movie critic jobs. Screw the haters.

Below, a piece about the movie from TMZ who themselves had a cameo in it. See you later.