Sports News from Nowhere is dominated by — Roughriders training camp!!!


Welcome to Sports News from Nowhere on a momentous day in the world of sports. Yes, folks, the day everyone in Saskatchewan has waited for all winter and spring has finally arrived. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL training camp is officially open! Woo hoo! Go Riders! 

And the saturation media coverage in our province is on. It’s going to Riders 24/7 from now on, basically. 

The reason for this pent-up anticipation is, of course, because there is nothing else in this province! We have to spend winter going to places like Arizona and Nevada for our real entertainment. Oh, and don’t forget Mexico.

But that could all change for the better if the rumours come true about the National Lacrosse League putting a franchise into Saskatoon. The Edmonton Rush, who are playing Toronto in the league finals, have been making loud noises about moving out of NDP Alberta and Saskatoon is said to be their likely destination if they leave. 

All I will say is I have to see it to believe it. I’ve seen these NLL rumours before, just as I’ve heard all these rumours for years about the UFC wanting to put a fight card into Saskatchewan, and nothing’s happened. But if they do come here, great, it would be a big improvement to what’s there now. Seriously, Saskatoon is boring for sports. Something has to happen to liven the place up.

Other sports news:

The big story in sports has been the big FIFA corruption scandal and indictments, and the reelection of its head honcho Sepp Blatter. 

Some people will say this will hurt the popularity of the sport of soccer in North America. I say it won’t impact it at all, because soccer was already unpopular in North America (even the hockey ratings are better) and besides that, everyone knows the sport is corrupt at the very top, anyway. That something might finally be done about it might actually help the sport’s popularity.

Maybe this will finally spur on some real change, although for that to really happen there are going to need to be some major sponsors like VISA and Scotiabank pulling out (which they’re considering doing, apparently). What would be even more effective would be if all the European federations and the top South American ones boycotted the next World Cup. That would hit FIFA where it really hurts. 

Anyway, this all hits one week before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, in Canada. As an aside — are you as sick of seeing TSN’s promos for this as I am? (I guess I’m jaded because none of these World Cup games are in Saskatchewan. As I said previously — there is nothing else here besides the ‘Riders.)

In other sports news — while Saskatchewanians are excited for the return of the CFL, I guess the rest of Canada is excited about the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup finals. 

But honestly, I have no idea why, because it’s two American teams again, Chicago and Tampa Bay. 

Also, the junior hockey Memorial Cup final is tonight and most of my family members are cheering for the Kelowna Rockets against the Oshawa Generals, mainly because most of them either (a) live in Kelowna, or (b) want to live in Kelowna. 

As for me, should I cheer for the OHL representative because I used to actually report on OHL games for TV in a previous life? Anyway, I’m simply glad this game isn’t up against the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600, like it has been in years past. 

Finally, it turns out that Formula 1 isn’t the only sport turning its back on the pretty promo girls. As you know, Monaco got rid of the Grid Girls last week and replaced them with a bunch of dudes; now I read this item about how the new Premier Boxing Champions series on NBC is getting rid of ring girls, too. 

After that lousy recent Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, a lot of fight fans are surely wondering “why stop there — why not get rid of the whole sport while you’re at it?” 

Anyway all I will say is, for now, “that’s the sports.”