Grid Boys replace Grid Girls at Monaco and Sebastian Vettel is not happy! “What was that?”


Well, the news from the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco isn’t the fact that Nico Rosberg won the race. No, apparently the big news out of there is that instead of having the gorgeous Grid Girls holding up their signs on the grid at the start of the event like they usually do, the organizers put in a bunch of good-looking Grid Boys instead.

I guess they want to attract more women as F1 fans. Never mind that the female fans already have good-looking guys to look at — the drivers. 

Still, this move provoked the usual approval we have come to expect from the uptight political-correct people; and the usual disapproval from the un-PC people. 

Decidedly in the latter camp: Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel. 

His comment at the post-race press conference was “why didn’t we have any grid girls today? What was that?!” He then added “now you park behind George or Dave — what’s the point of that?” 

The only answers I can come up with to Vettel’s questions are pretty much along the lines of “the terrorists have won” or something similar. Really, this world we live in keeps on getting sillier and sillier.