Raising a glass of Coke in honor of the final Mad Men

Well, that is it and that is all. Mad Men is history after last night’s final episode on AMC, an episode dominated from start to finish by Coke.

Heck, it even had a scene with Joan doing cocaine. Ha ha ha.

And of course, it was a very Coca-Cola ending, which anyone who paid attention to all the Coke references in this and other episodes surely would have seen coming.

I dunno, though. This episode carried the weight of high expectations, and a lot of people seem let down by it. I get the feeling people wanted a far more exciting finish, with a lot more blood and guts. I think people were falling for all these conspiracy theories about how the show would end with Don Draper supposedly falling out of a window to his death or something like that.

Well, he did take the “drop”, all right, as in “drop out.” In a truly weird turn of events, Draper ended up joining this hippie commune where he meditates on the side of a hill — where, so it is implied, he comes up with the idea for one of the most iconic commercials in history:

So this is how Mad Men ends — with the hard-smoking, hard drinking grey-flannel suit era giving way to peace, love and Coca-Cola. The Sixties really are over, man.

Gonna miss this show.