I am wasting my day watching the Mad Men marathon on AMC


Tonight is the final Mad Men, and in anticipation of that I am doing something I haven’t done all season long — I’m tuning in to the whole season on AMC right now with its Mad Men marathon.

In fact I haven’t done enough watching of this show during the entire time it has been on, even though I am totally fascinated by the advertising business. In fact, there’s a lot of talk about whether the advertising industry itself is like its portrayal on Mad Men, and some think it is

That, my friends, explains in a nutshell why I never really thought of advertising as a viable career option for myself. Too much liquor.

Anyway, we shall finally see what finally happens to miserable Don Draper later tonight. So far, it seems like everyone’s lives on the show are going to heck, like what happened last week when Betty Draper found out she was dying of cancer from all that smoking.

I expect to see some finality tonight — hopefully. But my big fear is we could see an ending like The Sopranos, which ended so abruptly that it seemed like a rodent had eaten the cable line or something.

Anyway, here are some links to stories about the end of the show here, here and here