Talent is on the move again in sports media as ESPN boots Bill Simmons


I have a question. Why the heck does it seem that in sports media the most talented people are never able to stay in one place for very long these days?!

Look at Bill Simmons as yet another example, parting ways with ESPN — though it sounds to me like this was more of a case of him being canned than of some mutual parting. Some people are saying the final straw was an appearance by him on The Dan Patrick Show in which he trashed Roger GoodellThe thinking is ESPN wants to keep nice with the NFL because of their TV contract with them, so they say…

For those who don’t know, Simmons was the founder of their Grantland site and had been seen on ESPN’s channels. Now, he is officially gone, as he revealed in an email to staff this week. Not everyone thinks this departure is bad news; in fact Jay Mariotti of the San Francisco Examiner greeted the news with considerable glee. I don’t know why, I thought Grantland as a site was pretty good with him there.

As for where Simmons will go next, the speculation is on. NBC? Fox Sports? Turner? A lot of people think Turner/Bleacher Report will land him because of his connections to the NBA, but your guess is really as good as mine. Probably it comes down to the words “show me the money!”