Patrick Brown gets the win in Ontario PC leadership race

This week of elections and election surprises ends with Barrie MP Patrick Brown completing his upset of Christine Elliott in the Ontario PC leadership race. Clearly, Brown out-organized and out-hustled the competition “for the win”, as his slogan said. Those PC memberships he sold were no mirage, the members came out to vote for him in big numbers. 

There had been only two candidates left in the race at the end, so it wasn’t a tension-filled day. I tuned in the leadership vote results live stream online, and the organizers really did try and drag out the results to make it seem more exciting than it was.

The good news is everyone can go home now, unlike the famous/infamous 2004 leadership vote which dragged on and on and on, and which didn’t get finished until way past 11pm at night. 

(Of course, the Ontario Liberals have been even more notorious for leadership conventions that don’t end until about 5 in the morning, but that’s another story.)