Tories on brink of majority in the UK


It has proven to be a far better night for the Tories in Britain than it has been for their cousins here in frozen Canada this week. ITV News has just now readjusted its seat prediction and is predicting the Conservatives may get 327, enough for a bare majority of 1 seat. The BBC’s prediction is that the Tories may get to 325. 

No doubt about it, this has been a surprising night for a lot of people. Earlier tonight, so many people were trashing the BBC and trashing the exit polls, and saying there was no way the Tories were so far ahead of Labour. Now it looks like maybe the exit poll was not bullish enough for the Tories.

The SNP sweep in Scotland clearly has freaked out a lot of people in the other parties, based on some of the speeches I have been hearing. But the most heartbreaking scenes have been the declarations involving these Liberal Democrat stalwarts including Vince Cable, Simon Hughes, Charles Kennedy and others, who’ve gone down to defeat. Just now Danny Alexander went down to defeat to the SNP. It has been an utter debacle. Right now they’ve won only 6 seats, putting them in fifth place! Leader Nick Clegg, who won his seat, nevertheless looks like a beaten man. He called it a “cruel and punishing night”.

I think that is going to be it for my comments for now, in the meantime you can read the Daily Mail. 

Update: more big news, George Galloway has lost his seat.