The fan controversy over the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight of the Century is more entertaining than the fight


Boxing fans are increasingly getting madder and madder about that waste of money Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao superfight they saw on the weekend. It’s bad enough the fight was boring. But now people are screaming that Pacquiao perpetrated a fraud on the fight-paying public by failing to disclose his pre-fight injury.

So now there’s a class action lawsuit going, with fans demanding a million dollars in damages for being ripped off. They’re claiming the fight should have been called off.

Also, Pacquiao’s people are mad over their fighter being denied some pre-fight painkiller. Mayweather has apparently offered a rematch, but now it looks like Pacquiao will have surgery and be out for the next year due to his torn rotator cuff. 

All in all, this sets everyone up well for the rematch superfight in a year’s time. It has to happen now — since these fighters are sure to lose lots of money in the meantime on legal fees to fend off these lawsuits from this last superfight debacle. 

Never a dull moment in boxing, eh? What a joke.