British Election is tomorrow! Will PM David Cameron be “hung” out to dry?


Well, as if people haven’t had enough excitement after the Alberta election, the  British election goes tomorrow.

My big regret has been not being able to follow this race as closely as I wanted to, due to work commitments during the week and other priorities ( ie. newspaper convention, Mayweather-Pacquiao) on the weekends. I also haven’t been able to follow the U.S. Presidential race closely, either, lately. I guess Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee are running there now. Oh, and I almost forgot, so is Bernie Sanders.

But with the USA, their campaigns last over a year, so there’s still time to catch up. In the UK, campaigns last only a little over a month. Heck, even Canadian election campaigns are longer than that.

I have been looking at the BBC this afternoon for their campaign hilites of the day. I guess I am particularly interested in the newspaper endorsements. The most entertaining was when the Sun spoofed the arrival of the Royal Baby with its front page “It’s a Tory!” And then they proceeded to endorse them for the government. 

From what I am reading, the polls are indicating that it’s still a complete tossup with the Conservatives and Labour basically tied. I find this unbelievable. You would think David Cameron would be way ahead, given that the national economic situation has improved, and given that the Scottish separatists lost their silly referendum and so they have to stay in the Union. 

Worse, look at the opposition. I read the Daily Mail’s editorial endorsement of the Tories and they made Labour leader “Red” Ed Miliband out to be the biggest leftist-lunatic ever, a total Socialist. Yet this guy and his party could take power tomorrow, with the backing of the Scottish Nationalists who want to break the UK up. Yikes.

It sounds like the final result is all but certain to be a total Hung Parliament, with no majority for anyone. 

The problem is all these smaller parties are just too strong. It sounds like the Scottish Nationalists might totally sweep Scotland (my ancestral homeland, I point out) and throw out Labour MPs everywhere there tomorrow. As well, the anti-European Union UKIP party, which won the European Parliament elections last year in the UK, will surely get votes, but their seat total seems less certain and their leader Nigel Farage is in a fight to keep his seat. It looks like the biggest losers will surely be the Liberal Democrats, the junior coalition partners. They’re going to go from being in the government to being decimated, and one poll was showing leader Nick Clegg could lose his seat, too. 

A Lib-Dem electoral debacle could very well drag David Cameron’s whole government down the drain with it, though I guess they could possibly do a coalition with UKIP? Who knows.

Already, there’s talk there could be another election called to try and break up the deadlock that is sure to happen tomorrow. What a mess.
I look forward to tuning in to election results from the UK tomorrow and plan to update you on the results as the night unfolds. Expect a long night.