My thoughts on the MDA Telethon (or what’s left of it) finally going kaput


I found out recently the Labour Day weekend MDA telethon is not coming back in 2015. 

For the last few years it really hasn’t been a “telethon” at all. The last couple of years, it was a two-hour pre-taped special on ABC called the “MDA Show of Strength”. And it didn’t air on Labour Day anymore, but the night before. 

I don’t think anyone will really miss the “Show of Strength”, which was a pathetic attempt at television — two hours of boring musical acts. It never measured up to the frantic all-night lunacy that was the Jerry Lewis Telethon that ran for 21 hours over the Love Network of TV stations. That era ended after the 2010 telethon when Lewis was sent into retirement — for reasons still mysterious.

In cancelling what’s left of the “telethon” this year, MDA declared “it’s not a 21-hour world anymore.” Fine, but this latest move reduces MDA’s TV time to Zero. Zip. None. Nada. I don’t know how this organization is going to raise a decent amount of money now. Maybe by doing more ice bucket challenges? 

Anyway, all these changes at MDA over the years have slowly but surely freed up my time on Labour Day to watch the CFL Labour Day Classic football games. 

That will be the plan for me this Labour Day again. I may miss the Telethon, but life indeed goes on.