Now the weather: yes, I survived this latest big blast of snow this weekend

The weather in Saskatchewan remains the most interesting and maddening in the country. We had all thought we were through with winter; we were wrong. This past weekend I was in Saskatoon at a newspaper convention and the whole place was hit by a freak snowstorm, and was buried in a foot of snow

There was so much of it that it set records for the month. In fact, I looked outside my hotel window and saw every news van in the CBC parking lot completely buried in the white stuff. That was funny.

It was crazy, with power outages throughout the city and lots of “Travel Not Recommended” warnings for the area highways. And in fact a lot of people weren’t able to make it to the convention for that reason, the highways were just miserable. But I guess because we were downtown, and because my group arrived in the city before the worst of the snowstorm hit and then left late on Sunday after it ended, we didn’t quite experience the worst of the conditions as other people did. We were basically in the hotel the whole time.

Now today, my area is back to enjoying plus-temperatures and the snow is totally gone. Tomorrow we expect to top 20 C. Weird, eh? Well, I guess this is better than tornadoes in Texas.