Sorry folks, I went to a movie and had no time to post about all the news

Well, I have had no time to give my thoughts on the launch of the Hillary Clinton campaign, or the launch of the Marco Rubio campaign, or about Rand Paul feuding with the reporters, or about President Barack Obama in Panama with Raul Castro, or about the Aaron Hernandez verdict, or any of that. 

What happened is I covered a city council meeting on Monday, and then with the weather allowing for decent road conditions for a change, I finally was able to get to Saskatoon to watch a movie on Cheap Tuesday. I am slowly, very slowly, starting to get my life back again. Now the Stanley Cup playoffs are on and I am tuning in to that, along with baseball and other stuff.

But it leaves no time for blog posts. In short, my real life and interests — which have little to do with news — are crowding out the real news I usually put up here. 

Sorry, folks, you’ll just have to deal with it for now. And now, back to watching sports on TV.