Our Mad Men post for this Sunday pays tribute to Stan Freberg


We are into the final six weeks of retro commercials on Mad Men Sunday. This week I thought I would pay tribute to the well-known humorist and satirist Stan Freberg, who passed away earlier this week at age 88. Freberg had his own radio show and also voiced a bunch of Warner Bros. cartoons from the Fifties, but he is best known for his work in advertising and for his satiric and humorous commercials. Among his clients were Sunsweet Pitted Prunes, Contadina Tomato Paste, Chun King, Esskay Quality Meats, Cheerios, and a whole bunch of others.

The commercials had a distinct style to them, but the reason why Freberg is considered such a legend in the industry is because these ads moved the product, and that’s the important thing.

I’m going to put up three of these ads — one for Esskay featuring Jesse White, one for Great American Soup featuring Ann Miller, and the last one is for Sunsweet Prunes featuring Ray Bradbury.