Latest to run for President: Rand Paul. Big launch announcement today

Today, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced he was running for President. He appears poised to be the “liberty” candidate in the race, the guy with the most libertarian and non-interventionist ideas to appeal to the “get government off our backs” people — though he is also often referred to as a “Tea Partier”, too. At least, that is what he was described as when he ran for the Senate. 

But as I have said before, I get the impression the word “Tea Party” is often used to describe just about anyone who isn’t an establishment Republican. And while Rand Paul is definitely not the Establishment with his “Defeat the Washington Machine” slogan, he’s very different in policy from, say, Ted Cruz who is running on a very conservative platform and is very much a hard liner. 

Maybe Paul has a chance in the primaries to maybe unite the “Liberty” and the “Tea Party” factions behind his presidential bid, and if he does, look out. He could give the “Establishment” a run, if he can come up with a mainstream platform. I suppose his big policy news from today is that Paul announced he supports term limits for congress. Interesting. 

Another thing interesting is that he was introduced today by former Rep. J.C. Watts from Oklahoma, which is interesting to me because Watts used to be a well-known Canadian Football League quarterback years ago with the Ottawa Rough Riders. 

(Okay, now I’m really showing my age here.)