Happy Easter Jenny McCarthy, you rascally rabbit! 


Well, as usual Jenny McCarthy was up to no good this week, causing trouble again. (“OMG! A post about Jenny McCarthy? That horrible anti-vaxxer woman?! For shame!!”) 

Get off the ledge, people, this is about her time on The View, which, as you know, has been a total revolving door lately with people leaving. (Rosie O’Donnell, etc.)

On the Howard Stern show this past week, it was brought up that only about six months after leaving The View, the producers approached her about coming back! Of course, that made her feel good, so that gave Jenny her big opportunity to tell the producers no thanks, saying she “couldn’t be me” on the show. Honestly, though, who would want to be on that show, with those other uptights on there? 

As for the future of The View, McCarthy predicted one more year for The View, and then “the Titanic might go down.” 

While I’d love to see her be right, the truth is I really don’t know — some of these network shows manage to stay on well past their expiry dates. I’ve been predicting the demise of American Idol for years, for example, and yet Fox keeps on bringing that show back on, even though it has long ago descended into a parody of itself. And of course, it suffers the same issues as The View with its revolving-door of people on it.

Here’s my comment about the state of television — don’t you find it odd that both American Idol and The View seem poised to outlast Mad Men, whose final seven-episode run begins tonight on AMC? Life is not fair in TV land, folks.