Sorry folks, I can’t help it, I just have to put up a photo of Elizabeth Hurley


With all the news this week from the UK, I was reminded of Elizabeth Hurley and all her awesomeness. Her famous pictorial was one of the big reasons Loaded magazine did so well during the mid-to-late Nineties era when she was also in that Austin Powers movie playing Vanessa Kensington

When I saw Liz in that movie, my honest reaction was “that does it, I’ve found the woman I’m going to marry!” 

Really, her beauty and her cute British accent just blew me away. Then I went to the movie Bedazzled just to see her in it, and that was money I threw away. Still, I like Liz.

I hadn’t seen much of her for the last couple of years, though. It seemed for a while as if Ms. Hurley had joined the same pop-culture scrap heap as Austin Powers, and this week, Loaded, but as it turns out, no. 

The good news is she’s back playing the fictional modern-day Queen of England in The Royals. Apparently this show, on the E! channel, is pretty scandalous in its salacious portrayal of the royal family, and the buzz is through the roof. 

At the premiere this week, Elizabeth was there, with her 12-year old son. I guess the even better news is that Ms. Hurley isn’t getting older, she’s getting better. Can you believe she’s going to be 50 this year? 

So I thought I would mention that. I dunno why I have England on the brain this week. I guess it’s a combination of this pop culture news, plus all that Jeremy Clarkson nonsense. And there is an election coming up there soon. So things are happening there all at once.