Bomb scare derailed Aaron Hernandez trial today; the world is getting a bit too unhinged

I had unexpected time on my hands at work today after a court case fell through, so when I got back to the office I tuned into, you guessed it, a live trial. It figures.

I fired up the Aaron Hernandez murder trial live stream, figuring I could listen to that while I did some work. I was hoping I could at least get a little caught up with what is happening in that trial, which I really haven’t followed much of lately due to a host of other commitments. 

As it turned out, proceedings ended suddenly due to a bomb threat to the Fall River court house. Somebody on the live stream said they were evacuating, so that was it.

That put a stop to the coverage, although I understand they eventually resumed an hour later. Honestly, folks, what is going on with the world at the moment? It seems like all the unhinged types are on the loose, creating havoc for people. 

I will say this: this bomb scare was the one interesting thing to happen all day there at the Aaron Hernandez trial, because I otherwise found the proceedings today to be absolutely boring. 

Tomorrow could be a big day in the trial, as testimony from his fiancée could possibly finish Hernandez off. Hopefully, they get through the day at the court house without any more annoying disruptions like what we saw today.