Stories of disaster all over the world dominate the Bad News Roundup

This will be a relatively brief Bad News Roundup tonight as I continue to watch live coverage on the Web this evening of the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma today.

I find it very odd that we are still in March and already talking about tornadoes hitting the USA; usually they hold off for another month. It was a pretty extensive system that hit today — one of the twisters hit the Tulsa area while another hit Moore, Oklahoma, which has been hit by tornadoes so many times that it’s insane. As well, the Oklahoma City area was getting baseball-size hail. 

One of the TV stations there is saying the storm was so bad that it brought down the powerful KOMA and KOKC radio transmitter! Their signal is so strong you can hear it easily up here on the Canadian prairies. I guess I won’t be able to tune in to the right-wing American talk show hosts on 1520 AM at night from Oklahoma City for a while.

Folks here in frozen Canada shouldn’t complain about all the snow we’ve been hit with. What would you rather get — snow, or tornadoes?! 

In other news the world is in shock over the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps that killed so many people. Saw reports that German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Francois Hollande were there surveying the damage. This story keeps on getting stranger and more disturbing. Some of the latest reports are now saying the pilot may have been locked out of the cockpit! Stay tuned.

The Robert Durst stories keep on coming. Now there’s stories about how he may be linked to the disappearance of a woman in Vermont.

And finally, Jeremy Clarkson was not renewed by the BBC today in light of that punch-up incident involving him and that TV producer. I’m sure fans of Top Gear consider this to also be a “disaster” and “bad news,” but on the flip side, this could mean some new viewers for ITV when they pick Clarkson up. 

That’s it for the moment.