Not even Ted Cruz can save this Republican race for President right now


had long promised a post about the Republican race for President, especially on this day of news as Texas Senator Ted Cruz intends to announce tomorrow he is running for President. 

I didn’t think he was eligible to run, though, because he was born in Calgary, Canada. But I guess according to the rules he’s eligible.

To be honest with you, I cannot say I am impressed with the Presidential race in the Republican Party so far. Not a single one of these prospective presidential jokers has a hope against Hillary Clinton as far as I am concerned, especially if the Republican platform ends up being as far removed from the mainstream as I think it will be in 2016.

The biggest issue is not so much with the candidates but with the party’s grassroots, who have moved this party way, way too far to the right of mainstream Americans. Too much of this party is too socially conservative and too anti-immigration and anti-immigrant, and prospective candidates are having to come up with policies to appease these people. It’s too bad. 

I guess what I really want to see is the Republicans stick to being pro-business and pro-freedom generally, yet their rank and file seems too concerned with fighting culture wars and limiting freedoms, and other items I have no interest in. 

With Cruz, my issue with him is less about what he stands for, and more with his style of politics. The fact is he is far too partisan for his own good. He never seems willing to compromise or make deals or do the kinds of things you need to do to get legislation passed. I could see “President Cruz” as being absolutely impossible for any Congress to deal with — even one led by a GOP Speaker in John Boehner in the House. Expect a new and glorious era of gridlock in Washington if Cruz is elected. 

Another person being talked for President has been Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. But I am really not happy with what happened with his campaign this week when political strategist Liz Mair got in trouble with Iowa Republicans over some Tweet she sent out which insulted the Iowa wing of the party, so she walked the plank. 

People have been writing about this and see it as not being a good move by the Walker campaign. In general, they think he should have stood up for his hire. Personally, I think this is another example of why social media is evil, with people rifling through Tweets looking for things to use against people to get them fired. It’s classless behavior, and people ought to put their foot down and stand up to this sort of thing, yet the Walker campaign seems to have caved in to the pressure. What happened this week leaves me shaking my head about the state of politics and life in general in America. 

Anyway, this post has turned into yet another big rant session by myself about what I think is going on down there in the Uptight States.