Robert Durst says he “killed them all” on national TV; now charged with murder

It’s amazing. Just when you start to lose hope for TV, along comes HBO with something and your faith in the medium is restored.

From the sounds of it, their mini-series on Robert Durst entitled “The Jinx” really made a splash. The final episode aired last night, shortly after Durst was arrested in New Orleans, and during that episode Durst made the epic declaration, wearing a live microphone in the washroom, that he “killed them all”. 

Wow, I wonder what his lawyer was thinking when he said that?’No legal counsel, whether they graduated at the top of Harvard or at the bottom of the worst law school in the United States, would ever advise any client of theirs to go on TV and do a show like this to begin with. But from the sound of it, Durst went ahead and rejected his great legal advice, and did this show anyway and got himself in a heap of trouble for it. 

Durst is now charged with the murder of Susan Berman, and has waived extradition. He’ll be heading to a trial, of which the footage of this HBO show could well end up as evidence. 

I notice the news reports have been going nuts pointing out Durst could “face the death penalty.” Uh, uh, ahem. 

Keep in mind, this is California we are talking about — a place where people are regularly acquitted of capital crimes for the flimsiest of reasons. Let’s worry about the result of the trial before we worry about whether or not Durst even gets the death penalty.