Don’t forget, tonight’s the night Conan O’Brien is in Cuba on TBS

Yes, with all the big hype about the possible end of the embargo and the thaw in US-Cuba relations, tonight on Conan, host Conan O’Brien airs a segment of himself in Cuba tonight on TV.

It airs at 11 pm ET on TBS in the USA and airs in frozen Canada tonight on CTV and Much. And by the way, where we are here in cold Saskatchewan, it is frozen. Very frozen, feels like minus 30 if you factor in the wind chill. In Havana, the high today is estimated at 24 degrees Celsius. 

And that’s not to suggest everyday life is particularly better in Havana, Cuba, because they still don’t have a McDonalds or Starbucks or Walmart, or for that matter an NHL hockey team. 

But they do have Cuban cigars. And, it’s warmer.