Verdict watch: still no decision in Jodi Arias case, everyone getting antsy

I am still following the verdict watch in the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial, out of boredom. 

The thinking from these trial pundits and “legal analysts” is this could be looking like a hung jury. The jurors came back into court today and the judge issued “impasse instructions” and basically told them to try harder to reach a verdict

So they tried. Tomorrow, they will try again. 

How much longer they keep up the attempt, I don’t know. It may not be for much longer, as a lot of the speculation out there is the jury could be declared hung as early as tomorrow.

In general, the Twitterati is freaking out over the proceedings. I am now convinced most of those following this case are the “vigilante”-type folks who want to hang everyone, because I noticed quite a few comments on Twitter from people who said they also watched the Casey Anthony trial and were worried this trial would be yet another letdown result. Of course, the Casey Anthony case was a totally different set of facts, so that tells you all you need to know about these trial junkies. 

As far as I can tell nothing less than “justice” will do for this crowd, and by justice I don’t mean a “fair trial.” No, they want the book thrown, and no other result is acceptable.

I am thinking this group makes up the vast majority of the audience for almost every major trial out there — the “hang-em-high” crowd. Either that, or they’re the only ones who are vocal about it — everyone else is either laying low or doesn’t care. Or maybe they have real jobs and cannot be bothered for that reason(!). By the way, this penalty phase case isn’t even being televised right now. This is basically the usual Twitterati reacting to what they read on Twitter again. 

Personally, I cannot be bothered to rant and rave on Twitter about this or any other case, I’m simply not that fired up about it. Anyway, that is all for tonight. We’ll see what happens with this jury tomorrow in the Arias case.