Still no verdict in Jodi Arias penalty phase. Jury done for day, again

As I have mentioned before, this is a big time for major court cases in the USA. The guilty verdict came down in the American Sniper murder case, and now we are waiting to find out what sentence Jodi Arias will get for the murder of Travis Alexander. This is, of course, the retrial of the penalty phase down in Phoenix. In any event, there was no decision again today, so the jury are back Tuesday. 

All in all, people following this high-profile case are pretty emotional about what the outcome ought to be, and are wondering why it is taking so long to make a decision about this awful murderer.

“Why is this decision so difficult for this jury? This is a no-brainer!!” seems to be the reaction from a lot of folks. Actually, the more you think of it, though, the more you realize this case does require a brain. 

Keep in mind this jury is not deciding guilt or innocence. That was decided long ago. No, these folks are deciding if she gets the death penalty! They’re deciding whether to send Arias to her death, to her grave!! Think about it.

It doesn’t surprise me that this jury is taking its time, given that the very life of this woman is at stake. And yes, Arias is a horrible individual and a criminal, but it is still an agonizing situation for this jury panel and an absolute no-win one at that. They’ll be feeling awful about themselves no matter what their decision, and beyond that, any decision they make on the death penalty will be universally condemned. If they give her the death penalty, they’ll be vilified on Twitter for pushing ahead with this death penalty barbarism. If they give her life in prison, they’ll also be vilified on Twitter for not giving her the death penalty, for letting Arias off the hook! 

This jury will also be vilified if they end up a hung jury, like the last one was. So they are in a terrible spot. No matter what, nothing they do will please Twitter.  

Anyway, we shall find out what happens soon enough.

As an aside, I understand a bunch of Saskatchewan Roughriders fans from frozen Canada are down in Arizona right now to take in the Arizona Coyotes game versus Anaheim tomorrow. As a bonus, I wonder if any of them plan to also check out what’s going on at the local court house at the ongoing circus that is the Arias case.