Currently watching live the activity of the U.S. conservatives meeting at CPAC 2015

I am using up my scheduled day off by tuning in the news. It figures! I am currently watching live coverage of the American CPAC 2015 conference in National Harbor MD — that’s short for “Conservative Political Action Conference” — where all the star conservatives show up and give speeches and stuff.

I am mainly watching the coverage over on Bloomberg Politics, but I notice C-SPAN has coverage as well. 

All the big shot celebrity political people are there — I notice Donald Trump was there speaking. Right now, I am listening to some guy at the podium — Wayne LaPierre of the NRA — and he’s trashing the media and trashing Brian Williams, and saying you can’t believe them, and now he’s talking about the Second Amendment right to bear arms. You get the picture. 

Later in the day Jeb Bush is meant to show up to speak and there is supposed to be a big walkout by a bunch of Tea Partiers. This just illustrates the kind of problems Bush is going to face with his campaign. 

Peggy Noonan wrote up a piece for the Wall Street Journal entitled Sorry, Jeb, The Race is Wide Open. She’s of the opinion Jeb is making a poor impression. I think the main problem is the same one that ultimately caused a lot of problems during primary season for Mitt Romney — the Republican base is just too crazy, filled with people who want to wage culture wars and seal the borders and the like. Jeb just doesn’t strike me as that sort of guy — he’s trying to be calm and sensible, but that style of politics may be a tough sell with some of these hardliners.

Anyway, I am just babbling on. I notice Jeb is now speaking in a Q and A session with Sean Hannity, so I am going to watch that. Looks like much of the audience is going to actually stay in the hall to listen to him. I should get around to finally doing that post up soon about the state of the presidential race in the GOP, but this is my day off, and so I am just going to spend it being a political junkie.