My final word on the same old lousy-as-usual Oscars show

This will suffice as my last word about the Oscar show on Sunday that seems to be getting panned left, right and centre by everyone. 

Obviously I agree with the criticism, but to be honest it was no worse a show than it usually is. It had its moments — Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews, Sean Penn’s remarks about green cards, and some of the speeches were interesting. 

And yes, Neil Patrick Harris was terrible, but in fairness, he was better than James Franco. A lot of his problem was due to the stupid writing from the writers and the stupid routines he was made to do. That, plus the fact that this host plays before the toughest, most uptight audience imaginable. Some people are now saying they should put in Tina Fey and Amy Poehler up there instead as hosts, based on how well they did at the Golden Globes. It sounds like a good idea, until you realize what kind of humorless crowd they would be dealing with here.  

As for the annual travesty that is the “In Memoriam” segment, everyone is screaming about how Joan Rivers was excluded, except Rivers really didn’t do much in the movie industry beyond only a handful of things. She made most of her impact in the comedy world and on television. 

In the award categories, I cannot honestly say whether the Academy got it right or wrong for a lot of them because I haven’t been able to get to these movies over the last month and a half. I notice the Boyhood fans, however, are livid and are convinced that movie got robbed. 

As for the Oscar show itself — it has really lost its way, folks. Then again, this is nothing new, the show has been boring for years. They need to figure out some new way of doing things at the Oscar show to make it seem hip and relevant — at least at the same level as the Grammys. At least that awards show makes an honest attempt at aiming for an audience of actual music fans. I dunno who the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thinks the audience is for their production, but it sure seemed like this show isn’t made for actual movie fans at all, but for the “elites.” Whoever they are.

It’s not just the awards show aimed at elites, but the pre-show, too! I notice people are getting more and more fed up with the red carpet coverage of these fashions that most ordinary people at home cannot afford, anyway. Plus, you also are getting these inane questions on the Red Carpet posed to female actresses about what they are wearing (something the #AskHerMore campaign was railing against). So in general, everyone is fed up with this. There is this big desire from the public to see the Oscars, from start to finish, be a celebration of movies and actually be about movies, but it isn’t happening. Instead, what we get is a boring and self-serving show for and about rich people.

From my standpoint, it says it all when you can miss a full hour and a half of the awards show, as I did, and yet feel you missed nothing even when you were gone. That is my rant on the Oscar show for this year.