Now, yet another snowed-under News from Nowhere

It is a holiday where I am, so I am spending it inside, writing up this News from Nowhere for Monday.

In fact this has been a much-welcomed four-days off for me this long weekend, and believe me, I needed every single one of them in order to get over my latest cold. What is going on with all these viruses going around, folks?! And I even had the flu shot, too. Oh, well.

Of course, the big story has been all the snowstorms on the East Coast. I notice the Atlantic region has been hit. Of course, Boston is still digging itself out, again.

Other news — terrorist shootings in Denmark. What is this world coming to, folks?

In TV news, last night was the special marking 40 years of Saturday Night Live.

Other entertainment news: as you know by now 50 Shades of Grey is a big hit, having earned for the weekend 81.7 million.

In other news, ratings for NBC Nightly News have gone in the sink with the suspension of Brian Williams.

I should add that I filed a piece for the paper on the whole Williams scandal — for no other reason than to fill space in the paper, really — but now I’m questioning whether I was too hard on him. It seems there is a lot of piling on by the media which I’m not entirely comfortable with, but also a lot of piling on about the media, too, which I am even less comfortable about.

Speaking of piling on — I was alerted to this piece in the New York Times Magazine about how Twitter destroyed someone’s life.

Basically it’s all about the “shaming” and mob mentality that has taken over Twitter. I was listening to John Gormley’s show on the radio, and he had mentioned this New York Times Magazine piece and was saying the bloom was off the rose when it came to Twitter, and was predicting the end of Twitter in its current form. He’s got a point! People are turned off by the mob rule, mean-spiritedness, and general idiocy that has taken over Twitter and social media in general. Something has to give.

And looking at my Twitter feed right now, I notice singer Lesley Gore has died. Breaking news.

Other passings of note include Gary Owens, of Laugh-In and cartoon fame (Space Ghost etc.).

Also gone: legendary KTLA reporter Stan Chambers. Age 91.

The weekend was pretty slow from a sports standpoint but NASCAR is back!! (And so are the fights!) I notice a few drivers (in particular Clint Bowyer) are up in arms over the Daytona 500’s crazy new group-qualifying system.

Finally, this talk about “Las Vegas in the NHL” looks like it could be coming true. The drive for season tickets for a potential franchise is on and they are already halfway to their goal. Personally, I hope they do make it, because the lack of major league sports is definitely a big gaping hole for Vegas.

If they do hit their ticket goal, that ought to shut up all these ignorant Canadians who have repeatedly trashed Las Vegas and its interest in hockey. Anyway, if Las Vegas wants any sort of major league franchise the NHL is their only hope now, since Major League Soccer has said no to them.

Looking at the next few days — I have meetings to attend Tuesday night, and then I cover a hockey game Wednesday. So I had better enjoy the rest of the day, because I will be back to having no life again tomorrow. That’s all for now.