This year’s Super Bowl ads were a sad state of affairs (ie. Nationwide)

Advertisers for this year’s Super Bowl should be pleased; the game was excellent, right down to the final minute, and produced the biggest TV ratings for any Super Bowl of all time.

It would have been nice if all the commercials lived up to the actually game. Some of these ads from the States actually made their way to Canadian TV, and a few did not impress. I was watching the big game at a friend’s house, and one commercial that came in for particular ridicule from him was the ad from Coke. He laughed at it and said “this is an anti-bullying commercial!”

But the worst and most depressing ad was the one served up by Nationwide, as they ran an ad promoting safety awareness — featuring a kid who died in an accident!

It was a horrible ad, a total misfire. It was panned by everyone for being totally depressing. Fortunately, I think Canadians were spared from witnessing this downer of an ad on the CTV feed of the game.

Nationwide later said the whole point was not to sell insurance but to “start a conversation.”

With all due respect, you should not pay good money for Super Bowl airtime to start a conversation. The point should be to sell your product, and in an entertaining fashion! Otherwise, what’s the point? Nationwide failed to sell insurance, failed at being entertaining, and the only conversation they started was about how bad their Super Bowl ad was.

Nationwide’s ad agency people look as smart as the Seattle Seahawks play callers right now. That commercial time was money well wasted, but I’m sure NBC doesn’t mind.

It was not all bad, though. One ad that really stood out for me, in a good way, was the Clash of Clans ad with Liam Neeson.

Funny stuff. Hey Nationwide, this is the commercial your agency should have come up with instead of that depressing tearjerker attempt at starting a “conversation”.