It’s Super Bowl Sunday!! The capper to a true season to forget for the NFL

Yes, indeed, the day football fans have long anticipated is finally here. Hopefully this game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will be a good one, because this is the last football we fans are getting for a while.

If it is a blowout, I am sure it will be the icing on the cake of what people are calling the NFL’s worst season.

Domestic violence. Concussions. Deflated footballs. Now people are worried that the measles in Arizona will spread to folks attending the big game.

I will say this — these scandals and problems have truly brought the pro football haters out of the woodwork. You would never have guessed there are so many Americans out there who hate football, but there are, and the NFL has done nothing to shut them up, all season long.

One wonders if this will also be a bad year of Super Bowl commercials.

Usually these are the best part of the Super Bowl viewing experience, with ad agencies knocking themselves out with their creativity, but the quality of these increasingly stupid ads has really declined in recent years — making me feel less bad about not being allowed to see these commercials on TV due to living in frozen Canada. (Although I understand this will be changing soon.)

In other news, I plan to do up a post soon on Mitt Romney and his decision not to run for President again, and what that means for that whole race, but not today. I consider Super Bowl Sunday as my day off, and besides, I need a vacation from the vacation.