It’s fight night again. UFC 183 is on at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!! #ufc #ufc183

I’m back in frozen Canada after I spent this week in Las Vegas, so I got to witness for myself the hype for UFC 183, on right now at the MGM Grand.

On Wednesday they held the open workouts right inside the MGM Grand, so I saw with my own eyes Anderson Silva doing his thing. Unfortunately, his opponent Nick Diaz wasn’t there. Well, all I will say is he better show up tonight. Live results here.

That was one big event this week in Las Vegas. The other was the epic grand opening of White Castle on the Strip. I am not kidding, the lineups were right down the street.

This, my friends, is exactly the kind of feeding frenzy Las Vegas is in for when it finally gets its first Tim Hortons. That will be a happening, when it happens.