Boston, New York, etc., be ready: the Blizzard of 2015 is about to bury the Northeast!

Tuesday is meant to be the big day when the big Blizzard of 2015 is meant to bury the Northeast. The Boston TV stations on our local cable TV are already going nuts, but New York is also going to be hit as are locales in between.

The forecasters say this could be historic. But TV weather people in the Northeast are infamous for predicting and hyping up winter storms that don’t measure up in the end.

To ensure the disbelieving masses get the message, New York mayor Bill de Blasio held a news conference Sunday where he was sounding the alarm bells and telling people this could be a storm “the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

So have fun digging out, New York. After watching the Miss Universe pageant on TV, I will bet a lot of you are wishing you were in south Florida right now.

A lot of people are comparing what could happen to the Blizzard of ’96. I remember that one well, because I was interning at CTV News at the time and saw all the live feeds of the snow completely blanketing New York City. A friend of mine did her TV internship in New York at the same time, and she told me later about the fun time she had covering the blizzard. We’ll see whether this 2015 storm will top it.

Personally, my favorite snowstorm of all time was the infamous one I lived through in Toronto — infamous because to clear all the snow the mayor called in the army.

I wonder if de Blasio will have to resort to the army as a last resort in New York. If so, everyone in Canada will ridicule him, so he had better not.

Around my area, we have no snowstorms to speak of. The weather has been unusually mild, welcome relief from the minus 30 we usually get in January. And we get snow — but two to three feet?! I will say this for life on the prairies — it gets cold, but we rarely see snowstorms like this one about to hit the Northeast USA.

For coverage from the Weather Channel, see here. And that is all for now.