Miss Universe pageant is tonight on NBC at 8pm/7 Central!

Okay, guys, what is it going to be? Are you going to watch the NFL Pro Bowl players attempt to play football on ESPN, or is it the gorgeous beauty queens from around the world in the Miss Universe Pageant on NBC? Personally, I think this is a no-brainer.

To get the masses hyped up for this, I have posted video of crowning moments from the pageant in the past. This is great, because it brings back memories for me watching this pageant over the years, going back to the Bob Barker days. Based on this video alone, Miss Universe ought to have the Pro Bowl all beat in the excitement department. I just hope the judges in Doral don’t ruin it tonight by asking too many controversial questions.

You can check out Global Beauties for their usual coverage of the pageant. For what it’s worth, the folks there are predicting Colombia is going to win, but that means nothing because they’ve guessed wrong so many times before. Go, Canada!!!

Update: Ahem. It seems Global Beauties totally nailed it when they picked Miss Colombia, because Paulina Vega has won the title. Sorry, Jamaica.