Get ready to spend all weekend listening to Deflategate on sports talk radio

Deflategate. Ballghazi. Ballscam. Whatever you call this business of the New England Patriots allegedly deflating the footballs in their AFC Championship win over the Colts, it has added a jolt of interest to what is otherwise a sleepy week in the world of sports. This controversy will keep all the sports pundits ranting and raving through what will surely be a boring weekend for NFL fans waiting for the Super Bowl.

Yesterday, we had that big Bill Belichick press conference, and that big Tom Brady press conference, and it was all deny, deny, deny. Meanwhile, the sports radio hosts have been just losing it completely, just going nutty. This is what happens when a bunch of guys on the radio have nothing better to do with their lives.

Geez, what is there this weekend for sports fans? The NHL All-Star Game, which not even the hockey fans care about, and the NFL Pro Bowl, which also nobody cares about. There is soccer in Europe, and tennis in Australia, which is no good for Americans because it’s not happening in America. I suppose the good news for auto racing fans is the Rolex 24 is on this weekend at Daytona, and it’s about time, too, because I was missing auto racing.

Anyway, this latest NFL scandal is welcome news, we needed to liven things up.