We’re the boonies! United’s drop of Denver routes humiliates Saskatchewan

You know what? I am sick and tired of our local big shots going around bragging to people here about how Saskatchewan is seen as a “destination” and “the place to be” when the evidence clearly points in the other direction.

Take this news yesterday about United Airlines pulling their Denver direct flights from Regina and Saskatoon. It was bad enough when United dumped their direct flights to Chicago six months ago. Now, they’ve dumped Denver, and keep in mind, we’ve had direct flights to Denver for years.

This surely means more annoying hassle for Saskatchewan travellers looking to go anywhere half decent. It’s bad enough we frequently have to change planes in Calgary or Edmonton or Toronto to get anywhere. Now we can’t even get to Denver without having to stop somewhere else first. That will surely add more time to the trip, and add to the cost. Plus, keep in mind, the real reason many people went to Denver was so they could transfer anyway. People travelled through Denver to save money on trips to LA or possibly Hawaii. Now, that option is gone.

I guess Delta direct flights to Minneapolis aren’t going away, and WestJet has direct flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix, but this United news is not good. Maybe Delta will pick the Denver route up, or WestJet, or someone else (Frontier?).

Travel inconveniences aside, this will likely not have a huge impact in the grand scheme of things. What this really is is more of a blow to Saskatchewan’s pride. It makes us look bad. For all the talk we are supposed to believe about how all the buzz is about our booming province and how everyone is dying to come here, the reality is we are still being treated like flyover country, same as always. Real destinations don’t get their only direct flights to Denver cut, or their only direct flights to Chicago cut. This is simply insulting.

In other news, local people are excited because Hillary Clinton is speaking tonight in Saskatoon at TCU Place. I guess because Hillary is here, this must mean we aren’t the boonies after all, right? We must be important!

Well, if we are, where’s the airline service to prove it? There. That’s my rant for tonight.