Incidentally, some winter getaway news: I am booked for Vegas. Again.

While on the subject of direct flights I should mention my winter getaway is already booked for Las Vegas. Again. It figures.

I was actually planning to go somewhere else for a change, since I have been to Las Vegas four times and don’t really need to see the United States of America yet again, especially after my trip last summer to North Dakota.

I had thought about Mexico, and also thought seriously about Cuba. But then I got scared and worried I would get bored in Cuba, and although Mexico interested me prices were an issue — especially to Cancun, the place I was really interested in.

Simply put, I got an incredible deal for Vegas, with direct flights back and forth and the whole thing. More than that, I was also getting too many reminders about how much I liked the place.

First, there was all this NHL hockey talk about Las Vegas. Then there was UFC 182 at the MGM Grand, and seeing the shots of Vegas on TSN made me miss the place. Then I went and tuned in these poker shows on TV, which made me miss Vegas even more.

Finally, there was news of Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, who of course performed in Vegas. Well, that did it. I went and booked the flight, and so that trip will happen in the near future.

It will only be for a few days, but hopefully it will allow me the downtime I desperately need. I really am in need of a respite from this place, and from winter. Life in Saskatchewan is boring, but then it always is at this time of year.