Tonight, I’m gonna watch the State of the Union. I do need a life, folks. #SOTU

“We interrupt our regular programming to bring you yet another televised address by President Barack Obama.”

It figures. I could spend tonight watching NBA or NCAA basketball, or even NHL hockey. But no! Instead, I will waste my night watching politics. Again. And to make matters worse, it’s by choice! No one’s forcing me to watch it.

Tonight, President Obama is giving the State of the Union speech before Congress, and newly elected Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa is giving the televised reply.

On this occasion, I am reminded yet again that I truly am a hopeless political junkie who needs to get a life, and get my priorities straight. Getting a girlfriend would also help, but I probably need to do something about those other two items first of all.

I have said it before and will say it again — usually it is exciting nights like these, with all saturation news coverage from the USA, where I get down in the dumps watching all the political coverage and pundits, and I go “why don’t I cover politics for a living, too?”

But of course, I do cover politics for a living, darn it! Just this weekend, I covered a federal Liberal nomination meeting in this electoral district, and then I found myself interviewing provincial NDP opposition leader Cam Broten on Monday (story to be posted soon). This wasn’t even a phone interview, either, he just happened to be in the area so he dropped by at our offices.

So there was that, and that is not even counting the City Hall meetings I covered on Monday as well, which also counts as “politics” the last time I looked it up in the dictionary.

As a matter of fact, every year around here we cover a “State of the City” address organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, featuring the two mayors in our area. Somehow, though, that event is just never as exciting as the State of the Union.