$105 million opening for American Sniper stuns box office, smashed January record

2015/01/img_0565.jpgThe new Clint Eastwood-directed flick American Sniper opened to $105 million over the four day Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

It set a January record, also set the record for an R-rated movie, and I believe is also Eastwood’s biggest opening weekend ever. It really cleaned right up.

I think the size of this opening surprised a lot of people. Usually this is the type of opening you see during the summer for some CGI action movie with superheroes in it — not what you would expect for a movie with serious ambitions about it. I guess the subject matter really touched a nerve with many Americans, particularly those “Red State” Americans, although I also read that it was more than just the Red State people that made the movie a hit.

The movie, based on the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, stars Bradley Cooper and, uh, uh, ahem, Sienna Miller (see blog post below.)

In other movie news, American Sniper was among the multitude of Best Picture nominations for the Oscars last week. The full list of nominations is here. But as usual, there is controversy.

I understand people are mad about how minorities were shut out of all the acting nominations by the Academy, and there are people who particularly think the cast of the movie Selma got the shaft. Story about that here.