Sienna Miller is on the cover of Vogue. Hey, Sienna, long time no see! #fan

I was in the checkout line at the pharmacy the other day and noticed this Vogue cover with my long lost actress girl-crush Sienna Miller on it.

I realized, hey, when was the last time I have seen Sienna Miller on a cover anywhere? It has been a while. I guess she put her career on hold to become a Mom, but now she is on the comeback trail. You can read her Vogue story here.

Anyway, she’s topped herself this time with this cover — she’s gorgeous!

I’ve been interested in Sienna pretty much ever since she did that movie shoot right inside Fairview Mall in Toronto way back when. I’m convinced I spotted her, and her blonde hair, sitting in her chair on the set. Keep in mind, this was right in the neighbourhood I was living in at the time! Folks, you just don’t see that sort of thing where I am now — movie stars in any of our malls.

Anyway, enough of that. Welcome back to Vogue, Sienna!