Ohio State wins the College Football Playoff. Finally, a title settled on the field

Well, Ohio State thumped Oregon and their Heisman winning QB Marcus Mariota last night to win the College Football Playoff title, and I actually got to see the second half of the game! And a good thing, too, because that is officially it for NCAA football for the next several months. Time to concentrate on Barclays Premier League soccer action and auto racing instead.

Whether you wanted the Buckeyes to win or not, the good news is this playoff process worked. In the end, it was the best team that won. This title was settled the way it should be — on the field, and not by sportswriters, rival coaches, or other so-called “experts” voting in these various polls.

Clearly, if you left it all up to these voters, the SEC conference would be in the title game every year! No one else would be given a fair shot.

Had the old system been in place, with voters choosing who got to play for a title, Ohio State would never have been given a shot despite similar records to the other contenders. They were the number four ranked team at the end of the season, which under the BCS system (and earlier) would have only earned them a spot in the Rose Bowl, playing for prestige — but not for a national title.

Now, after beating Alabama and Oregon, there is no question who the champion of college football is. This proves, once and for all, that democracy is only a good thing when choosing governments, not football champions.